Wabi Sabi Weaves is a collection of hand-woven wearable art, created by textile artist Sara Morton. 

From her home studio in Melbourne, Sara weaves with the highest quality fibres, sourced locally where possible, creating one of a kind, woven jewellery pieces. 

Creating has been a part of Sara's life since early childhood, during which she spent most of her free time drawing, painting, jewellery making and performing. 

Sara was first introduced to weaving during her time studying Textile Design at university level in Melbourne.

Although she didn't complete the course, choosing to pursue travel, and eventually a science degree instead, her love for pattern, colour and texture persisted.

It was ten years later, during her first pregnancy that Sara came full circle, and returned to weaving as a creative outlet. She quickly fell back in love with the medium, and the meditative qualities of working with fibres.

Sara now focuses her weaving practice on creating thoughtful, unique, jewellery pieces, that allow the wearer to explore the use of texture and form in the way they adorn themselves, and express their style. 

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Melbourne, Australia