Tiny wall tapestry with ceramic bead
  • Tiny wall tapestry with ceramic bead

    This tiny piece of textile art is handwoven from raw nettle yarn, recycled cotton/linen and metallic fibres and features a handmade stoneware bead by Earth Darlings Ceramic Studio.

    It is hung on a piece of driftwood, with linen yarn for hanging.


    Width: 7.5cm


    Length: 27cm


    Length of driftwood: 13cm


    • Care and handling


      Do not wear in water.

      . Handle your piece gently, as too much force may affect the tension and shape of the piece.

      To untangle long tassels, do so very gently with your fingers or a fork, taking care not to pull them too hard.

      Gently spot clean if necessary and be aware that makeup, fake tan etc. may cause staining and discolouration


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